Emergency Siren

If any person is trapped inside the cold room due to any mishap, an illuminated switch is provided inside the cold room, which a person can easily activate to call for help. After activation of Cold Room Safety Alarm, emergency siren & blinking LED indication alerts people outside cold room to help the person trapped inside cold room.

Other Applications

This system can also be used in similar applications where safety is most important.


  • Main Features

    Fail safe operation.
    Operating temperature upto -40 deg. cent.
    Maintenance free system.
    Emergency & standby lighting in indoor units.
    Rechargable maintanance free battery.
    Available in 2 channel (For two cold rooms), 4 channel (For four cold rooms), 8 channel (for 8 cold rooms) and 16 channel (for 16 cold rooms) model.
  • Additional Features

    Battery backup in case of power failure.
    Operates more than 6 hours after power failure.
    Battery status indication.
    Silence button for alert features.
    Low voltage operating switches eliminates fear of electrical shock.


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