Protection Against Lightning

Power surges and the damage they cause may not be something to which you have ever given much thought. However, lightning strikes and similar events over which you have no control can cause power to surge through your home or business, resulting in serious damage that will cost you a significant amount of money to repair.

Fortunately,Power Defence home protector is the most reliable and cost effective solution available for you to eliminate such damages completely.

Protection Against Unwanted Power Surges

Our Power Defence home protector protects all the devices in your home and office, including Computers, TVs, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Microwaves Ovans and so on, from unwanted power surges.


  • Can withstand upto 450 V.
    Safe operation , Non Moving parts.
    Protects home appliances from High Voltage as well as Low Voltage.
    Isolated control section.
    Very low & easy for maintanance.
    Also suitable for Inductive Loads.
    Standard unit available upto 30 A current.
    Single phase units & Three phase units can be customised as per requirement.


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